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Sailing Greece

Find accommodation in Greece in our complete Greece Travel Guide. In you will find information on Greek islands and a list of Greek hotels, studios, apartments and villas for all budgets. In just two steps you can find hotel offers in Greece, see maps and photos of Greece, book flights, ferry tickets, discover Athens, book Greece guided tours and make on-line hotel reservations.

Greece and Greek islands Sailing

Travel to GreeceGreece is an ideal sailing area due to its morphology. Having many hundreds of islands and islets its coastline is more than 15000km long. Innumerous unexplored beaches and picturesque ports and shelters are scattered around its coastline.

Temperature and wind variations highly depend on the season and the area. One can select between easier to sail seas (such as the Ionian Sea) and those more difficult to sail (like the Aegean Sea).

Sailing season can start as early as March and finish by mid November, when the Azores High dominates the area while the Siberian High becomes weaker. It is during spring time (March, April and May) that air temperature is higher than sea water temperature and pressure variations force huge masses of air to move from the islands towards the sea. This effect becomes stronger during the months of July and August when temperatures rise even higher.

During fall (October/November) the Siberian High dominates the area resulting in a relative atmospheric instability.

:: Visitors may participate in the piloting (navigation) and therefore acquire knowledge on a theoretical and practical level.

:: Possibility of having BBQ on selected beaches (on clients' request).

:: For rentals of 14 days or more, visitors can decide on the exact schedule followed and the amount of time to remain on each island/area.

:: Sailing trips on any island(s) can be offered.

:: If clients wish to book accommodation in any island before, after or during the sailing trip, discounts will be offered on the season's price, depending on availability. Early booking is required, especially during high season.

:: The boat's root might be altered, depending on current weather conditions.

:: The cost of breakfast and all other meals as well as all drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) is not included in given prices and it is a cost that clients have to pay in full.

For information about availability, possible routes, special offers & accommodation in Greece and the Greek Islands please contact our office.

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