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Central Greece - Evrytania Prefecture

Photo of Evrytania in Central Greece

A quick tour in Evrytania Prefecture

One of the favorite summer and winter resorts in Greece, it is well known for its rich forests of pine trees, evergreens and plane trees, its rivers and of course its beautiful and picturesque villages. Its capital is Karpenissi, built at an altitude of 960m.

Karpenissi is a beautiful town that is going through a rapid touristic growth. You will therefore find many hotels in the town centre and the suburbs. Almost all hotels are of high standards that will please even the most demanding visitor.

It is in Evritania that you will find the Monastery of Proussos, located next to the homonymous village of Proussos, literally hanging from the cliffs. The view will take your breath away, since it has been built on the cliffs of the canyon.

Karpenissi - Where to go - What to see
So, you are here at last! Welcome to the beautiful city of Karpenissi.

Get ready to enjoy an enchanting natural beauty, you wouldn't find easily anywhere else. The unspoiled beauty of the landscape and the enchanting nature will be our guide to every suggestion we make.

If you are staying in town, you shouldn't miss the chance of relaxing under the refreshing shadow of the old plane tree in the middle of the picturesque square. The square is marble coated, with the statue of the famous Greek hero, Marcos Botsaris.

Just beside the Cathedral, opposite of the Telephone Company building is the memorial plaque indicating that here was the Elementary Greek School during the German occupation. As we follow the way out to the western exit of the town, we can see another bronze statue, devoted to the hero Katsantonis, a warrior that also gave his life to free his slaved country from the Turks. You could also visit St. Dimitrios hill, just opposite the town. The view from up there is fascinating as the whole town lies before your eyes.

As far as entertainment is concerned, Karpenissi offers just about everything. From taverns with local wine and food to music restaurants, from small and cozy bar-cafe to bigger clubs for "wild nights". The main point is that you will certainly have the time of your life.

Karpenissi and nearby villages / towns
The beautiful city of Karpenissi is situated at the north-west side of Mount Velouchi, using its rocky slopes as a shield against the heavy winter winds. It was established during the Byzantine era, about the 11th or 12th century AD, on a location 4especially chosen for the relatively warm climate and throughout the history it has suffered many disasters and destructions by Turks, Albanians and Germans.

About 3 km away, towards the south side of the town, there is the historic site of "Kefalovrisso" where, at the night of 8 August; 1823, general Marcos Botsaris was heroically killed by the Turkish Mustafa, pasha of Scondra, who was sent by the Sultan to stop the Greek Rebellion.

Evrytania photo gallery
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