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Information about Oinousses

general information
  • Oinousses belongs to the North Eastern Aegean cluster
  • Oinousses covers around 592,022 square km
  • Inhabitants approximately 108,046
  • Capital is Oinousses City
  • Coastline of 217 km
  • Connection with the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patra
  • Connection by ferry with the other North Eastern Aegean s
  • Oinousses has its own International Airport with daily flights from Athens and thessaloniki
Oinousses (Inousses/Inouses) is in fact, a cluster of small islets situated between the island of Chios and the peninsula of Erithrea (Erythraia) of the Minor Asia. The largest islet the only inhabited is the one of Oinousses with a population of some 1,000 residents.

The small town, amphitheatrically built offering a fine view to the sea, is characterized by white-washed stone houses, simple yet elegant two and three-storey mansions of the local ship- owners painted in warm pale hues , picturesque narrow alleys, cozy squares and public buildings of excellent architecture. Several donations of the wealthy locals such as the monument of the “Unknown Seaman; , the stadium, and the Monastery of the Annunciation adorn the town adding a touch of discreet glamour. At the entrance of the harbour the bronze statue of a mermaid that stands on a rock welcome the arriving ships.

The island of Oinousses has been inhabited since antiquity and according to the historian Thucydides was used as a base of the Athenian fleet due of its strategic position. Historical reports refer that in the 14th century the whole cluster was deserted and was served as a meeting point for pirates. In 1566 the cluster came under Ottoman control while in 1675 it was passed to the hands of the Venetians. In the 18th century the homonymous islet was inhabited by shepherds from Kardamyli who founded the first settlement of Kastro and in the decades followed the islet presented a progress in shipping that consequently improved the financial and social status of its inlanders. In 1912 the cluster was incorporated in the Greek state while in 1922 it received a considerable number of refuges from the Minor Asia. In 1941 Oinousses were occupied by the Germans and after the liberation inlanders were forced to immigrate to Attiki since there was a lack of jobs.

Oinousses has several pristine beaches, ideal for unforgettable moments of relaxation and enjoyment in their tranquil environment. Among them the beaches of Zepaga, of Kathisma of Fourkero and Kastro as well as the ones of Hatzali and Kalamiari are the most famed for their clear deep blue waters.

The cluster of Oinouses is reachable by sea via the island of Chios.

Olympic Airlines (Athens): 210/9292111, 9666666
Olympic Airlines (Oinousses): 26610/386994/6
Patras Port Authority: 2610/341002
Oinousses Port Authority: 26610/32655
Igoumenitsa Port Authority: 26650/22235
Bus Terminal (Athens): 210 5124910-1, 5132601
Bus Terminal (Oinousses, urban transport): 26610/32158
Bus Terminal (Oinousses, inter-island transport): 26610/39862/31595
Bus Terminal Salonica: 2310/536260

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