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Destinations in Greece

Select the appripriate destination in Greece

Selecting the appropriate destination is the key to having an unforgettable holiday. It is not only the question of where to go but also when to go. For example, a very quiet and relaxing holiday sport during early June may become hectic a month later.

When to visit
First of all, Greece is a major tourist destination all year round. The mainland of Greece gathers tourists not only during summer but winter as well. The Greek islands have a much milder climate, even during winter; however their tourist period starts from April (in Crete and some of the Dodecanese islands) and ends in November.

During May and June nature is at its best. Due to the early spring rains the scenery is colourful and the atmosphere cool. The sea water, however, is not so warm, especially during the early morning hours or late an night. The islands have few tourists, so it is easy to find accommodation and very affordable prices. The mainland, however, may get overcrowded during weekends, when the Greeks rush to the countryside for one or two days.

The months of July and August are the busiest ones resulting in much higher prices and sometimes poorer services. Traffic may sometimes cause delays, but then again this is part of the fun of being on holiday, there is no hurry at all. Booking your tickets early is very significant when traveling during these 2 months.

September, on the other hand, is a much cooler month with smoother climate and usually much less wind. There are no crowds, prices are going down, services are of much higher standards and the sea water is usually much warmer.

Where to go
Selecting where to go can be quite tricky. Friends and websites can sometimes be misleading, as information is usually biased or too old and inaccurate. It is very hard to realize which information is up to date and accurate unless you are willing to “study” a lot, for which you will need a great deal of effort and time.

We are willing to help you skip all this if you can just spare us a few minutes explaining what it is you are looking for.

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