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Greek tourism information

Meteora rock formations in ThessalyShort Description
Tourism in Greece is one of the country’s main sources of income since 1980. Greece is constantly developing its tourism infrastructure, not only in the Greek islands but all over the country as well.

New roads have been and keep on being constructed, to suit the increasing needs of the country and provide easier and faster access to major towns and tourist spots.

The Greeks were involved in agriculture and cattle breeding for centuries. This, however, is no longer the case, as most of the Greeks now live in towns and have abandoned their villages. Some country houses have been evacuated and have now turn to ruins while some others Beach in Corfu, Greeceare in perfect condition and serve as holiday houses for their owners. This has created a demand for the development of the Greek countryside and has, little by little, helped in the creation of some of the most important tourist resorts in Greece of today, for both Greek and foreign tourists.

The hotels of the past, although fully functional even nowadays, are only a small part of the tourist accommodation infrastructure. New hotels of much higher standards have now been built in inland Greece and the Greek islands.

The majority of tourists in Greece come from northern Europe, Italy and the US. Since the year 2000, Russian, China and Korean tourists are steadily increasing.

Why is tourism a growing industry in Greece?
We need to see why tourists visit Greece again and again, although much cheaper destinations appear worldwide.

Greek food and mezedesFirst of all, Greece is a safe tourist destination; a place where holidays will cause no troubles to tourists who are not looking for trouble. Secondly, the country is uniquely beautiful and offers a great variety of wonderful sceneries within short distances; so, holidays in Greece can never be monotonous. The food is excellent; although not sophisticated, the simplicity and quality of ingredients of the Greek cuisine is such, that it has acquired many fans during the last decades.

So, whether you want a quiet, an adventurous, a luxury or a cheap holiday, you have plenty of reasons to come to Greece. Waste no time at all.

Mykonos island in Cyclades, GreeceSantorini island in Cyclades, Greece
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