VG TRAVEL CLUB -ROOM TYPES: What you should always check out very carefully is the detailed description of each unit. This should be your guide when filling up a request form. ALL our hotel rooms, studios, apartments have private bathroom.

  • Hotel Rooms: A hotel room has one room and a bathroom.
  • Studios: A studio has a bathroom and one room which is both a bedroom and a kitchenette. Beds are sometimes separated from the kitchenette by a hatch. Breakfast in not included for studios, unless clearly stated.
  • Apartments: An apartment has a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette and several bedrooms. So, a 2 room apartment has one bedroom and the kitchen room. The kitchen room could be open-plan and sometimes accommodate up to 2 persons, depending on its size. The bedroom could be connected to the kitchen but at a higher level. This is usually clearly stated in the description of the apartment. Breakfast in not included for apartments, unless clearly stated.