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VG Travel Club


Please note that the more accurate information you provide the better service you will get.
  • First Reply: Our first contact with you will usually be within the first 48 hours after the form submission and within working days only.
  • Please make sure that your Request Code (ID) is always in the e-mail subject. This is used in order to keep track of all our conversations. Otherwise, you will not get a reply from us.
  • Any availability given without an option date (or date and time) is valid only instantly. Our office can only guarantee availability given with a specific option date.
  • Reservations of less than 3 days will be subject to a 30 euros handling fee. In that case:
    • Full payment is required
    • Special offers will not apply to such reservations, unless stated otherwise.
  • Breakfast is included only when it is clearly written so in the price table of the unit.
  • Clients should always inform us or the hotel (in time) on their exact arrival time. Check in and check out times for each lodging will apply in any case.
  • Cancellations or early departures will be accepted only if sent by fax and include the request Code & the client's signature.
  • Accommodation Units: What you should always check very carefully is the detailed description of each unit. This should be your guide for selecting the appropriate accommodation unit. You will find further information here : Room Types - Description
  • FERRY & PLANE TICKETS: Tickets will be issued only for those who already have or will book their accommodation through our agency. We can handle both ferry and plane tickets that will be delivered to you (home or an address in Greece) by courier only (check courier cost). The cost of the courier is an amount you will have to pay. For those who desire just to book tickets without reserving accommodation through us, an extra charge of 20 euro will be applied, plus the ticket transfer costs. Travelers' details should be filled in by clicking here and sent back to us by e-mail.

:: Prices might change without previous notice. Changes will not affect reservations already handled.
:: Reservations of 3 days or less are paid in full, upon confirmation of availability.


You should make deposit of the specified amount to the bank account that has been sent to you by e-mail or fax.

Make clear to the bank employee that the requested amount is the exact amount that should reach our bank account and not less. That means that the fee of the bank for the wire transfer or any other extra costs applied should be paid by you. The amount should NOT take more than 3 working days to reach our account. Please also make sure that your Request Code appears clearly on the swift document you will fax to us.

After you make the deposit, please send us by fax the bank receipt and a cover page that we will send to you by e-mail (print this page and fill up all details requested) at the following fax number: 0030-210-6131148 and a final confirmation (voucher) will be sent to you by fax or by e-mail (you will tell us what you prefer), as soon as the requested amount reaches our bank account.

A payment confirmation on your first deposit and a voucher on your final payment that will confirm and guarantee your stay will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as the amount deposited reaches our bank account (that might take 3-5 working days). Your reservation is now complete. On the voucher, the telephone number of the resort will be written. This is primarily done due to the fact that many lodgings have no reception, or have a reception that operates for a few hours (morning hours usually). Visitor should make a phone call to notify the owner on his/her arrival.


We can only accept the following credit cards : Visa & MasterCard. Please make sure you notify your card that there will be a withdrawal from your card giving them the exact amount. No voucher will be sent unless the amount withdrawn from your card reaches the bank account of VG Travel Club. Any delay from your part may result in a cancellation of the request.

For credit card deposits, there is an extra charge on top of the deposit amount. If, on the other hand, you decide to pay by bank, all transfer costs should be paid by you. In order to pay by credit card you will have to fill in your card details and sign a document declaring that you allow us to withdraw the requested amount from your card. After that we will contact your bank in order to get permission for the requested withdrawal. This procedure has been set for security reasons mainly.

After the amount of the deposit has been set you should send us by fax your credit card details using the form which will be sent to you by e-mail. The fax number is written on the form. A payment confirmation on your first deposit and a voucher on your final payment that will confirm and guarantee your stay will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as the amount deposited reaches our bank account (that might take 3-4 working days).

PAYMENT WAITING PERIOD: No reservation is final until a deposit has been made. After receiving our notice that you should make the deposit, your room (or rooms) will be held for 2 to 3 days at most, unless stated otherwise. This means that if we haven't received your fax with the bank receipt of the deposit or your credit card details within that specified waiting period (option date), we will notify the hotel/villa owner that the room is no longer needed and the request is therefore canceled.


Before proceeding to a cancellation of your request, please read our Terms of Service carefully. In there you will find details on the amount that you are entitled to get back, according to the Greek law and the G.N.T.O. regulations. Please also note that all cancellation requests should be sent to us by a signed fax (read the lines below).

All that remains to be done is fill up one of the following forms, depending on how you will be refunded (by bank wire transfer or by credit card). That depends entirely on the way you have paid the required deposit (or deposits). After filling up all necessary details, you must sign the form and fax it to us.

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